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U. S. History: Exploring Groups: How did WWII change America?: Home

The Podcast guide is now up!

Podcasting with GarageBand

Visit the 

National World War II Museum

World War II by the Numbers

Digital Collections 

Search for your ethnic group to discover photos and interviews with veterans and others.

You will explore a specific group during World War II. The purpose of this project is to explore the myriad of ways that the war fundamentally changed America. There is an individual and group component to this project. This is your chance to be in charge of the classroom and become an expert on your topic.

Groups (specific examples)

  • African-Americans (CORE, FEPC, A. Philip Randolph, Double V, Tuskegee Airmen, Race riots, Migration)
  • Asian-Americans (Executive Order #9066, Migration, Korematsu v. U.S.)
  • Mexican-Americans (Bracero Program, Zoot Suit riot)
  • Native Americans (Navajo Code Talkers, Migration)
  • Women (Women in Arms, Rosie the Riveter)

Project Requirements

  • Podcast (Group project)
  • Annotated Bibliography: a list of sources and summary (Individual project)

Source Requirements

  • 3 Reference Sources
  • 3 Secondary Sources
  • 3 Primary Sources
  • 1 Scholarly Journal
  • 1 Scholarly Interview or Video
  • NOTE: You must cite all videos and music that you use. Music clips do not count toward source requirements.