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The Hulbert Taft, Jr. Library

AP U. S. History: 1877-1941: Encyclopedias and Reference Books / eBooks

Your assignment: The first half of the Twentieth Century saw immense changes in the United States. These changes encompassed all aspects of American society from politics to culture to minority rights to economics to America's role in the world. You will write a 4-6 page research paper looking at a specific change in America from the latter part of the 19th century through 1940-1941. You will use reference sources, primary sources, secondary sources, and journal articles in your research.

NoodleTools Citation Tips for Reference Sources

To cite a Reference source, choose the option that best describes where you found your source: 

  • Database = a Taft Subscription Database such as Gale eBooks.
  • Website = an encyclopedia found through a search engine such as Google.
  • Print or In Hand = a book found on the shelves of the library's Reference Collection.

Next you will choose the type of source you are citing. In this case, Reference Source.

You will complete both parts of the Reference Source form: 

  • information about the article you used. 
  • information about the encyclopedia as a whole.


START HERE: These resources provide essential background information: 

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

Online Subscription Databases


Reference Sources: Print and Online

General U. S. history reference sources


Subject Specific Reference Materials


Click on the links below for reference materials in these subject areas