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AP European History; Early Modern Europe, 1650—1800: Home

Presentation Tips

9 Powerpoint Presentation Tips for Students (from Lifewire, a leading technology information site)





Your Assignment

Each group will be assigned one of the following chapters of our textbook,  A HISTORY OF WESTERN SOCIETY by John P. McKay.

  • Chapter 17: The Expansion of Europe, 1650-1800
  • Chapter 18: Life in the Era of Expansion, 1650-1800

Each group will:

  • Construct a detailed outline of the assigned chapter.
  • Create a 10 minute PowerPoint / Google Slides presentation of your work, considering how your presentation might be used by your audience to better understand this "periodization" of European history.
  • Design at least 3 sample multiple-choice questions and at least 2 short answer questions to help classmates "test" their understanding. (These questions may be used on our December exam.)
  • Answer questions raised by classmates.