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Revolutions: Final Project: Home

Your Final Assessment

Choose a historical or recent revolution that is either national-political or technological - or maybe even social. (Note that your revolution may not be centered in the United States nor the perhaps-revolutionary but still evolving Russia-Ukraine war.)
You will demonstrate your understanding of your revolution to your classmates and teacher via both a written component and a visual / oral / performative format of your choosing.
Research and note-taking guidelines:
  • You must use NoodleTools, sharing your project, including notecards, with your teacher.
  • You must draw upon several reference, primary, and secondary sources.
  • You must produce a Chicago-style bibliography.

Choosing your topic and starting Reference Research:

Course Guide Overview

Note: this may duplicate some information from the videos above

Potential national-political revolutions
  • Algerian War of Independence
  • Arab Spring
  • Cuban Revolution
  • Guatemalan Revolution
  • Indian Independence Movement
  • Iranian Revolution
  • Irish War of Independence
  • Mau Mau Uprising (Kenya)
  • Meiji Restoration (Japan)
  • Mexican War of Independence
  • Taiping Rebellion (China)
  • Velvet Revolution (Czechoslovakia)
Potential technological (or social) revolutions
  • 1st Agricultural Revolution
  • 2nd Agricultural Revolution
  • 3rd Agricultural Revolution
  • Commercial Revolution
  • Digital Revolution
  • Golden Age of Islam
  • Musical Revolution
  • Protestant Reformation
  • Scientific Revolution
  • Women’s Movement / Feminism (First Wave)
  • Women’s Movement / Feminism (Second Wave)

If you have any questions, see
Mr. Padgett, Ms. Taylor, or Mr. Previti
OR email us at
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