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The Hulbert Taft, Jr. Library

History of New York City: Food in the 19th Century: Home


Welcome to your guide for researching topics in the history of food in New York City!


The pages under the tabs above are filled with reliable, trustworthy resources you can access on and off campus.

About Reserve Books

  • To ensure equitable access, these books may be USED IN THE LIBRARY ONLY.
  • You may scan pages using your smartphone - Remember to scan the title page and back of the title page too! [see Genius Scan note below]
During class time:
  • These books will be freely available on the book truck.
  • They do not need to be signed out, but must be used in the library.
  • Please return the books you use to the book truck before leaving the library at the end of class.
Outside of class time:
  • The book truck will be behind the Circulation Desk.
  • A library staff member will sign the book(s) out to you for use in the library only.


Reserve Books / eBooks on the history of food in New York

Additional sources on reserve

Scan pages from books and other print sources 

including title page and back side of title page
and email the PDF to your Taft email


Genius Scan Enterprise - Apps on Google Play

Get it from the App Store

Print / eBook Reference Sources


Print Reference Books may be used in the library only.



Reference Database

Journal Databases

Find Primary Sources in Historical Newspaper Databases

  • ALWAYS limit your search to the date range relevant to your topic.

  • Try searching terms, phrases, etc. that were commonly used at the time in relation to your topic. For example: Great War, not World War I.

  • Look for document-type limiters that may improve your results, such as article, commentary, editorial, front page / cover story, letter to the editor, etc.

If you have any questions, see
Mr. Padgett, Ms. Taylor, or Mr. Previti
OR email us at
We're here to help!

Resource Allows NoodleTools Export Citations can be exported from this source to NoodleTools.
Contains Primary Sources This source contains Primary Sources.