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The Hulbert Taft, Jr. Library

AP Comparative Government: The British and Mexican Revolutions: Books / eBooks

Books on Reserve

These books may be signed out for USE IN THE LIBRARY ONLY for the duration of the assignment:


  • Cavaliers and Roundheads: the English Civil War 1642-1649 / Christopher Hibbert. DA415 .H53 1993
  • The century of revolution, 1603-1714 / Christopher Hill. DA 375 H5
  • England's Glorious Revolution, 1688-1689: a brief history with documents / Steven C. A. Pinkus. DA 435 .P56 2006
  • The English Civil War: conservatism and revolution, 1603-1649 / Robert Ashton. DA390 A83
  • From counter-reformation to Glorious Revolution / Hugh Trevor-Roper. DA 375 .T74 1992
  • A history of Britain: the wars of the British, 1603-1776 / Simon Schama. DA 30 .S33 2000 vol. 2
  • A monarchy transformed : Britain 1603-1714 / Mark Kishlansky. DA 375 .K575 1996
  • The origins of the English Civil War: conspiracy, crusade or class conflict? / Philip A. M. Taylor. DA 415 .T3
  • Rebellion : the history of England from James I to the Glorious Revolution / Peter Ackroyd. DA 375 .A25 2014


  • Competing voices from the Mexican revolution / ed. by Chris Frazer. F 1234 .C734 2010
  • In the shadow of the Mexican revolution: contemporary Mexican history, 1910-1989 / Hector Aquilar Camin and Lorenzo Meyer. F1234 .A22513 1993
  • The Mexican agrarian revolution / Frank Tannenbaum. HD325 .T3 (see also eBooks)
  • The Mexican revolution : a brief history with documents / Mark Wasserman. F1234 .W373 2012
  • The Mexican revolution: a very short introduction / Alan Knight. F 1234 .K653 2014
  • The Mexican revolution: counter-revolution and reconstruction / Alan Knight. F 1234 .K65 1986 vol. 2
  • The Oxford history of Mexico / William Beezley. F 1226 .O94 2000
  • Revolutionary Mexico : the coming and process of the Mexican Revolution / John M. Hart. F 1234 .H3 1987 (see also eBooks)
  • Villa and Zapata : a history of the Mexican revolution / Frank McLynn. F 1234 .M155 2001

For additional books on the Mexican Revolution, see the guide for Revolutions: The Mexican Revolution

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